Changing Mags – The American Cinematographer Magazine – A MUST for Young Film Makers

20 Nov

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If you are serious about Cinematography then this monthly magazine is a MUST for you.

asc logoThe American Society of Cinematographers was founded in 1919. The ASC began publishing American Cinematographer Magazine in November 1920 and it has become a leading industry publication vastly popular with cinematographers around the globe. 

The monthly magazine focuses on the art, craft and skill of cinematography, covering a wide variety of domestic and foreign feature productions, television productions, short films, music videos and commercials.

It also features in depth articles on Digital cameras and Photography as well as film.

This isn’t a lightweight movie mag; it’s jam packed with  in-depth information and interviews with professional DoP’s from around the world sharing their knowledge and techniques for lighting and camera operating, and discussing their cinematic approach on their latest movie.

ASC mag logo

asc manual

This is one of my old American Cinematography Manual’s. Basically known as ‘The Bible’ to all Cinematographers.

I’ve been a massive fan and subscriber of the magazine for years. In fact I even have a faithful ASC Manual that has served me very well over the years. Although your average movie magazines and periodicals are okay, American Cinematographer is in a league of its own rising well above that latest behind the scenes gossip and hearsay you regularly read about! American Cinematographer is THE professional’s magazine aimed at those already working in the film industry or those who want to learn more to get a foot in the door.

Articles include technical how-to pieces, discussions on the latest tools and technologies that are improving cinematography today and historical features.

If you want to master the art of cinematography, American Cinematographer is a MUST read for you.

I think it’s the one of the few places you can learn about the proper professional techniques from real world cinematographers (apart from my blog of course!…) who have worked all their lives on big and small budget feature films.

So if you’re going to ‘Change Mags’ (sorry about the pun!) then drop the old tabloid film editorials and invest in the professional’s choice.

Here is a quick video interview with the Editor of American Cinematographer.

American Cinematographer also produces some fantastic podcast interviews which give even more insight, what’s more they’re FREE.

Below is a Podcast interview with Newton Thomas Sigel, ASC, cinematographer of Valkyrie, speaking with American Cinematographer about the film stocks, lenses and digital intermediate processes that created the look of the film as well as the impact of Tom Cruise signing on to what had originally been a small and low-budget project.

Valkyrie Podcast

Below is another fantastic podcast by American Cinematographer with DoP John Schwartzman, ASC about his work on Saving Mr. Banks, exploring how they shot this modestly budgeted movie on film, using no digital mattes or effects even though the film is set in the 60s.

mr banks podcast


You can even download your free copy of this months brilliant American Cinematographer Magazine here!!!

It’s all well worth a look, but especially if you want to learn more about the elusive art of film shooting and lighting from the Masters!

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Look forward to your feedback.

See you all soon… Chris Weaver

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By the way… I run a course on Lighting & Cinematography, so click the link or get in touch if you’re interested in coming and learning in person!

Hope this helps!

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