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Lighting for Film & TV – Part 1: The Basics

2 Mar

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We’ve briefly touched on some of the techniques required to become a successful camera operator in the “How to be a Better Camera Operator” series, (part 1, part 2 & part 3). This next series is going to be all about Lighting.

Why lighting? Well first and foremost we get asked about it a lot. We’ve had a lot of requests from people wanting to know more about how to light and it’s one of our most successful courses.

In the posts that follow, we’ll be discussing everything and anything to do with lighting, from the basics right up to more advanced, in depth knowledge. So let’s go!…

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What’s a Lighting “Gobo” & How to Make One in 5 Simple Steps

27 Nov

How to light an interview (specifically background lighting)

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First of all, for those who don’t know… what the hell’s a Gobo?! Gobo stands for ‘Go-Between’. It’s basically a stencil or cut out that you position ‘between’ a lamp and the area you want to light. The resulting shadows create an artistic effect, simple.

If you’re shooting an interview at an interior location, say a room for example, the background can sometimes look really boring. I’m sure you’ll agree a plain white wall looks pretty unexciting (snore).

How do you get round this one? Easy! You need a Gobo!

You’ll need 3 lamps in total to light the interview (full post on that one to come!), and we’ll be using one of those to create the nice background.

So here’s how to produce a great background lighting effect…

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