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Lighting for Film & TV: 10 Tips for Making Your Subject Look Good

26 Mar

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So I’m trying something a bit different here… I’m thinking “bite-sized blogs” – I thought shorter, quicker to read blogs (interspersed amongst more substantial ones) might be enjoyable for people who want a ‘quick fix’. Let me know if you like the idea, just a thought!

So this one is short and sweet. We’ve been busy over here at Free Spirit – we’re getting a lot of interest in our courses so I’ve been a bit snowed under of late! I appreciate that it’s been a week or so since my last post so I thought I’d bash this one out to give you something to chew on while I’m working on more substantial posts.

Just a quick, cheeky note, I’ve added a donation button to the side of the blog. If you feel like these posts are helpful in any way, financial support would really be greatly appreciated and will help keep this blog going!

Ok anyway, onwards! Continuing my series on Lighting for Film & TV here are a few tips for making sure you’re giving your subject the best chance of looking great on camera (sometimes they need all the help they can get!!). If you havent already checked out part 1 and part 2 (all about the basics and 3 point lighting respectively, I’d recommend checking them out). These are more ‘tidbits’ if you will, things I’ve picked up over the years. It’s nothing too substantial, but …

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3 Simple Tips for Filming Without Lights (Interior)

18 Jan

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Welcome back to the final part of my “Tips for Shooting Without Lights” series.

In the previous article, we discussed filming outside and how you can get the most out of the available light… click here to check it out – as with that article, we will mainly be focusing on documentary coverage where there’s no time to setup lights. Documentary training is some of the best training you can have, it teaches you to be quick, resourceful and intelligent about how you utilise your environment and the time you have there. So regardless of what you’re filming, if you can put these guidelines into action, you’ll have added some valuable tools to your… tool box.

Be aware however – you can get some lovely shots by doing things that I recommend avoiding (what surely not?!), but I want to try and suggest how you can light a subject so he/she is clear on screen and your images look clean and professional. So, let’s take a look at shooting interiors. Huzzah!…

Unlike exteriors, for indoors there’s one main rule…

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What’s a Lighting “Gobo” & How to Make One in 5 Simple Steps

27 Nov

How to light an interview (specifically background lighting)

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First of all, for those who don’t know… what the hell’s a Gobo?! Gobo stands for ‘Go-Between’. It’s basically a stencil or cut out that you position ‘between’ a lamp and the area you want to light. The resulting shadows create an artistic effect, simple.

If you’re shooting an interview at an interior location, say a room for example, the background can sometimes look really boring. I’m sure you’ll agree a plain white wall looks pretty unexciting (snore).

How do you get round this one? Easy! You need a Gobo!

You’ll need 3 lamps in total to light the interview (full post on that one to come!), and we’ll be using one of those to create the nice background.

So here’s how to produce a great background lighting effect…

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