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How to Get a Job in Film & TV: Discover Your Dream Job

28 Jan

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How to Get a Job in Film & TV:

discover_thumbHi there, in Part One I pointed out that specialisation is CRUCIAL. You have to know what you want to do and then pour all your attention in that direction. The industry loves people who treat their responsibilities and skills with respect. This is a simple exercise that works alongside my other blogs on getting a job in film & TV, to help those who might still be unsure about where they want to work in the industry.

Some of you may already have a vision of what your ideal job would be, that’s fantastic; others may need to explore all the possibilities. Regardless of which person you are, doing this exercise will either help define where you might fit in, or solidify your ideas about your future. Continue reading


How To Get a Job in Film & TV – Importance of Specialisation

28 Jan

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What’s all this about?
It’s practical, original, plain speaking advice, on how to stand out from the crowd, get noticed and get into the industry.

What this isn’t…
Some dull careers advice babble, regurgitated and re packaged, old ideas with new jargon; same old, same old, concocted by a so-called ‘expert’ who’s never worked in the business and knows as much about film and TV industry as my cat!


specialisation thumbWith so many people striving to get into the film and TV industry things are getting increasingly difficult for young talent to get a foot in the door. A Sad Fact... Hundreds of thousands of media students graduate worldwide every year and over 40% of those who apply for work, or work experience in the industry, don’t even get replies to their job applications… zilch, nothing, zippo…no feedback whatsoever! Why is this happening? Well I know exactly why, but more on that later.

Every month I, and my industry colleagues, get inundated with floods of people looking for work, people desperately trying find a way in, disheartened students and filmmakers that are dangerously close to just giving up on their dream… I want to make sure they don’t give up!

All these people asking for help has prompted me to write a series of blog posts offering genuine guidance and advice to people across the world who want to work in any area of the film and TV industry. Continue reading

Filmmakers Resources

28 Jan

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filmmakers resources_thumbHere at Through the Lens Filmschool, I’m keen to encourage new talent and share the knowledge and experience I’ve had the good fortune to obtain over the decades I’ve worked in the industry. I’ve got a lot to share! Below is a list of all the different blogs on offer, click the banners to get a full list of posts – thanks for dropping by!


Cameras, Crew, Tips & TricksCameras Banner
Lighting Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

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Mimic the Masters: Learn Filmmaking from the Pros
Mimic the Movie Masters Banner

How to get a Job in the Film & TV Industry
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Short Stories: Amazing & Funny Experiences from the film set!
on set stories
So there you have it, plenty to choose from! Enjoy!

Mimic the Movie Masters: STEVEN SPIELBERG – Part ONE

21 Jan

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Mimic the Movie Masters

So I get asked a lot about finding a style as a filmmaker, and I get asked even more about what makes movies cinematic. So I thought, I’d pair the two together in this new blog series. It does exactly what it says on the tin – I’m going to point out a few key elements of a select bunch of Directors, to identify what separates their movies from the rest.

thumb spielberg v2The idea is to give you, the filmmakers, more tools at your disposal, to further improve your work and help take it to the next level. Specifically I am going to highlight each of these director’s individual cinematic signature shooting styles, so you can understand and apply these master techniques to your own independent movies. You may be well aware of all the points I cover, or it may be the first time you’ve looked at these filmmakers in this way; either way, if  it helps someone, it’ll be worth it. I’ll talk about iconic film Directors such as Chris Nolan, Tony Scott, JJ Abrams, Stanley Kubrick and beyond.

But first up, I’m going to start with none other than Mr. Steven Spielberg.

Continue reading

Film Competition

5 Jan

film quiz bannter

How many filmmaking terms can you spot in this puzzle?

Hi Guys.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I thought I’d try something a bit different to kick start the new year… a competition!!

film quiz thumbBelow is a letter grid.  There are a certain number of  filmmaking words hidden within the grid (a few  industry abbreviations  along with other well-known words) which can be read horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The first person to correctly state the number of words and abbreviations in the grid will win! Leave your number/answer in the comments below.

The first person to find all the words will receive the first chapter of my new (yet to be released) E-book ‘How to Break into the Film and TV Industry‘ for free!

Good luck!!!


Chris 🙂

crossword quiz

Let me know how many you get in the Comments!